Maritime Agency

The agency team is devoted to serve both regular and spot-call vessels in Nacala, taking care of every aspect of their needs. The team has vast experience in handling different types of vessels and their cargo, collectively with over 15 years’ experience in Nacala port.

Vessel Representation

As agents we represent and liaise with all port authorities on behalf of the owners.

Focusing on planning and coordination with port stakeholders, it is our goal to make port calls as efficient as possible, minimising our clients’ costs.

Crew and Services Hosting

We offer a full integrated solution (visa, transport, launch boat, etc.) for on-signers and off-signers between Nacala port and any Mozambican airport.

Additionally, we are pleased to help staying crews with their needs such as health care, cash-to-master, local transport and any other as per their request.

For non-seaman and corporate clients, we offer a hosting service dealing with visas, travelling and accommodation of our guests across Mozambique.

Cargo Clearing and Handling

In partnership with established custom brokers we offer efficient clearing services for all cargo – imported, temporarily imported, transit, consumption on board, etc.

Integrated with a regional network of vendors and contractors we can deploy at port heavy duty equipment to support vessel and cargo needs.

Specialised 3rd Party Services

For specialised technical assistance or emergency interventions, we support and coordinate all the logistics for mobilising suppliers as well as their required equipment, locally or internationally.

Vessel Chartering and Management

CPG Agency is dully licensed by the Maritime Authority for navigation, as well as maritime transport of cargo and passengers, enabling us to charter local and foreign flagged vessels for specific and/ or temporary operations in Mozambican waters.

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