Procurement & Ship Chandling

The procurement and provisions team sources and delivers consumption goods and technical materials to vessels both in-port and offshore. We work with a vast network of suppliers in the region maximising the availability, diversity and quality of delivered products.

Provisions and Cabins

We offer a variety of consumables from everyday cabins to fresh, frozen and dry provisions.

With both land and maritime fleets, we deliver the products directly to vessels in the Nacala port perimeter, respecting international food safety and hygiene standards at all times.

Bulk Fresh Water

Bulk fresh water is available for delivery in-port and offshore in batches up to 50cbm.

Technical Stores and Specialized Procurement

Although availability of technical supplies and marine equipment in Nacala can be challenging, our team works hand-in-hand with clients to anticipate their needs which can then be sourced from anywhere in the country or abroad.

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